Students of the Vitalis educational group delivered a lecture on family values in the "Minsk State Grammar School - College of Arts"

Published: 13 June 2017

The meeting took place on May 5, 2017 in the library of the college. Listeners and active interlocutors of our topic "Civil marriage - for and against" were the students of group No. 86.

The meeting was held by the volunteers of the educational project "Vitalis" and the Youth Orthodox Brotherhood named after Saints Cosmas and Damian, students of the Theology Institute of BSU Gurin Radion and Maria Talkerkova.

During the class, students were offered various questions:

How do you feel about civil marriage? Why is a civil marriage an incorrect position? What is love and what should it be? Is your official marriage a happy continuation of the relationship?

How would you like to see your future spouse? - Beautiful, reliable, economic. Understanding, loving, courageous, interesting, - the students told.

The guys shared their views with each other and the arguments for and against civil marriage. The clash of opposing points of view made the meeting lively and interesting.

When summarizing the results of the event, the listeners made important conclusions for themselves: Living in a civil marriage is to live with an open door. And in an apartment with an open door it's always cold. From a spiritual point of view, civil marriage is illegal, unnatural. If a child sees a love between parents, he will also base his relationships on this in the future. Love is not when you look at each other, but when you look in the same direction. Official marriage is a sign of respect for a man to a woman. It is important for the youth to develop character and positive qualities: responsibility, will power, respect. A young man, before marrying, it is important to develop like a man.

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