April 6, 2017, an exchange of views took place between students of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and the Belarusian State University on spiritual and moral issues of concern to young people

Published: 13 June 2017

A student of the Institute of Theology of the Belarusian State University, Ivan Ivanov, revealed the actual issues of the struggle between good and evil on the example of the development of the cinema of the 20th century. During the discussion of the content of films in the 1930s, students drew attention to the difficulty of distinguishing between good and evil in contemporary art, the need to choose the right life strategy.

Galina V. Vladykina, Galina V. Galina, Head of the IPD Library, demonstrated novelties of literature on art criticism, cultural studies and philosophy of culture.

The event was organized with the support of the department of educational work and youth initiatives. It was carried out with the active participation of the teachers of the department of general scientific disciplines: the curator of the 2nd course, the associate professor Larisa Evgenievna Kulbitskaya, the assistant professor Olga Iosifovna Zhuravleva, the senior teacher Margarita Rashitovna Yumagulova. Moderator - Professor of the Department of General Scientific Disciplines Rimma Pashko.

Students of the Economics and Business Economics Department of Nadezhda Yarotskaya, Alexander Buschyk, Oleg Rabushko, Artyom Dolzhenko took part in the debate. The atmosphere of scientific and creative search for answers to the world outlook challenges was in the air.

Students and teachers expressed the desire to continue communication and exchange of views on ethics, culture and economics.


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